Sunday, October 02, 2005

Abortion Doctor/Soul Winner?

Here's a recent paper I turned in for my theology class. I thought you might enjoy rolling the idea around yourself.

If one holds to the belief that babies are exempt from hell, does that make an abortion doctor the most effective evangelist? I think that we have to go back to the beginning and the purpose of man for an explanation.
Genesis tells us that God put man on earth with specific instructions, and from what transpired afterwards, we know that man had the ability to choose. God was doing fine before us, but He decided to create a human race with the ability to make a conscious decision to choose to love and obey Him. God is not a puppet master that controls our every move. When He put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden along with the instructions not to eat of it, He cut the strings. He made us with the ability to make decisions based on our belief in Him, but He makes it clear in His word that He wants all to choose Him.
“(God) who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth,” 1 Tim. 2:3 (ESV)
A child obviously doesn’t have the ability or opportunity to make that choice. However, I do believe that those whose life is taken before the comprehension of Christ’s saving grace are safe from the separation from Him. However, they weren’t given the opportunity to make the ultimate decision for which they were created or the many choices that daily would follow to obey God’s way.
In the cases of abortion, the doctor is taking that decision from them, which begs the question: Is he actually keeping those individuals that wouldn’t eventually choose Jesus Christ out of hell? Or, being the all-knowing God that He is, would God allow someone into heaven as a child that he knew would not have chosen Him had they been given the chance? How about those who would have chosen God, but their life was unfortunately cut short; Will their experience in heaven be different from those of us who have lived and made decisions to follow Christ? I don’t think any of us have an answer for some of these questions, but I do know that we were created to choose Him and make daily decisions that honor Him and make His name known to those who might one day follow the same path.


Cherish said...

Wow, that opens up a lot of questions and thoughts. Although it makes sense, I didn't realize the possibility that an aborted child would be saved from hell. I have no children, yet that thought must ease a "mothers" mind, "well, I won't bring this child into the world but happily they are going to heaven", If that's the case, what's to keep mothers from having abortions on a regular basis to assure that their children will always get to heaven, and not have to go thru the trials and tribulations of sin? Does the mothers thoughts prior to the abortion have an effect on whether or not the child will go to heaven?

Thanks for your comment on my Post, I did look up Romans 8:38-39, and found comfort.

Jared Kirk said...

The age of accountability has always been a mystery to me. I don't mean what age it occurs at, I mean whether or not it exists. The thing that strikes me in particular is how useless it is to say, "Well if so-and-so would have believed in Christ, or wouldn't have believed in Christ," because ultimately, they didn't ever get that chance and I don't know that "how the situation would have played out" is fair because it can't.
If you can say that, then you might as well start a nuclear war, and end all life on the planet because "God knows who would have or wouldn't have." There is a logic gap there. Great post.
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BigPoppa said...

Funny you talk about this as we have recently done a study on this subject. As you know, the "Age of Accountability" is what we know as inferred doctrine, meaning it is not directly spoken of in the Old or New Testament. Those who believe in this usually share the same scriptures and one might make a case with these, however, if a word study of these same verses were done, one might find the evidence not so supportive. In opposition to this idea are numerous verses supporting the idea of one's depravity while still in the woumb. This neccesitates a need for a Saviour and Scripture does not support the idea of salvation because of poor circumsatnces. I am not here to prove either point but encourage these three points. 1. If you really want to know the answer you must detach from any emotion or pre-conceived ideas. 2. Remember if Christ is the "author and perfector of salvation", what right does flawed man have telling Him who is worthy of salvation. 3. Rember that "righteousness and salvation are the foundations of His throne" so He can be trusted with this decision whether or not our sinful feeble minds can comprehend it. Love your blog Cupp Daddy. Link me up and sorry so long