Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Art of Dunking Oreos

A few years ago when I still lived in Arkansas, 4 other guys and myself would get together every Tuesday night. The first 30 minutes was spent in some fierce games of basketball. Then, for the next hour or so, we discussed our personal victories and struggles in the Christian life. All the while sitting around a huge pile of Oreos and a personal glass of milk. It was here that we perfected the art of Dunking Oreos. And now, you will reap the benefits.

To start, I prefer the original Oreo.
(This formula isn’t configured for double-stuffed Oreos.)

1. Fill the glass enough that the rest of your hand doesn’t come in contact with the rim as your dunking the Oreo.
2. Take an Oreo and hold it on the flat side between your thumb and index finger. (not too tight)
3. Submerge the Oreo in the glass until your fingers almost touch the surface of the milk.
4. Here’s where it gets critical. I like it very mushy, so I hold for 10 seconds. (1 Mississippi…2 Mississippi…)
(Less if you want a little more solid substance.)
At about 8 seconds, the milk will begin breaking down the Oreo structure. (You’ll feel this between your fingers) This is why it is so important not to hold too tight. At 10 seconds, pull it! Any longer than this and your running a great chance of loosing the Oreo in the bottom of the glass.
5. Eat the whole thing. This is not the time to take small bites.

*I find that after about 3 Oreos, I like to take a big drink of milk to wash them down.

From time to time, I’ll have a few before I go to bed, but I never sit down with Oreos & milk without thinking about my boys in Arkansas. Good Times! S.M.T.
I’ll be see’n ya.

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Jen said...

I think that was the most descriptive lesson I have ever heard on "The Art of Dunking Oreos" I mean I think I need to go and eat them right now and test this out. I think I am more of an 8 second girl though. I still like them to be a little solid that way you dont risk crumbling them when pulling out of the cup. I might shoot for 9 though just to get the full pleasure of eating a soggy oreo cookie. Thanks though I now feel equipt to go test this out. I'll let you know how it works out for me.
Jen Ü