Friday, October 07, 2005

The Curse of The Melancholy

It’s been raining here in Lynchburg for about 3 days now, which is tough on us melancholies. If you don’t know much about us (melancholies,) let me inform you. To sum it up, we’re most likely the introverted, task-driven, perfectionist, artist/musician creative-type. We’re the more emotional of the personalities. I don’t know what connection the rain has to do with that, but it’s hard to be motivated to do anything on those days.
But there is a positive side to the fall season here in Lynchburg. It brings some radiant colors to the trees here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They seriously look as if they’re on fire. It’s beautiful! (which really jacks us melancholies up!) …and even more so if we have an understanding of the Creator God.
The challenge for the Christ-following melancholy is to overcome those days when we don’t necessarily “feel” like modeling Christ to others. As one of my Profs says: “What we know and believe is more important than what we feel.” Think about it; what distinguishes us from the world when we respond only out of our feelings? Paul tells us in Ephesians 5:1 to be “imitators” of God. He doesn’t say only when we feel like it...but always.
So, is it necessarily a curse or just a way that Christ uses to shape us to be more like Him for our time on this earth?


Jared Kirk said...

It has been raining here, too. But it had to rain. There was a drought all summer and everything was dying. We needed the rain.

/not talking about rain

Verona said...

The word "curse" is rather harsh, don't ya think. Nevertheless, it seems melancholy type of personalities do get down on rainy days and for that I feel very badly. However, there is a solution...something to remove the curse of the melancholy. On a rainy day, try drinking in a large delectable mug, a delicious cup of freshly brewed starbucks coffee. It does wonders for the soul and will free you from the slightest negative thought of being cursed!
- Veronica Verona

Cassie said...

Hey Charlton,

I thought you might like this article that I found on MSN.

nancy said...

umm.. starbucks coffee is gross. go to your local coffee shop! Haha, okay so, i just made a blog just to keep in touch with you.

C-TONE! Melancholies of the world unite. God gave us emotions so we could feel things, but we have to just remember to not get retarded about it. That's why God invented laments. And warm apple pie. Do they have Denny's in VA?

write me- nance

Jared Kirk said...


I have been staring at this post for like a month now! We need updates