Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cabo Trip

Cabo San Lucas was incredible! I was there with about 150 high school students and pastors from around the states. We worked on different projects in the community during the day, and then our teaching sessions were focused around leadership for the students. I had the privilege of leading the music aspect, but I did a little work too.
Our particular project was to paint the interior of this church. Here is a pic of our group at work.

We also spent some time at a daycare helping them with some tasks and playing with kids...

We stayed at a really nice resort on the beach...just a few houses down from Sammy Hagar's place! There was a hurricane that was a few hundred miles offshore, and it was sending in some major waves & undertow, so we couldn't swim. Here are a few shots of the pad...

We took a little sight seeing boat around the tip of the Baja Peninsula. This is the widely recognized Cabo arch.

A look down the beach...

It's absolutely beautiful there.
"...those who dwell at the ends of the earth are in awe at Your signs."
Psalm 65:8


Harrison said...

woooooooow very cool.

Cassie said...

Hey Charlton,

You have been a busy blogger lately. The trip to Mexico looks amazing. I am heading out very soon, two days in fact. I won't be arriving in Arkansas until the 17th though, and by then I am assuming you will be back in Virginia getting ready to begin grad school. So take care and have fun.