Wednesday, July 26, 2006

...dust to dust.

"...for you are dust, and to dust you shall return." Genesis 3

This may seem a little strange, but my dad is a grave digger. I have pretty much grown up around cemeteries...playing as a little boy while my dad worked and later digging them myself. I've seen some crazy stuff, but that's beside the point. As with anything else, being continuously around something tends to make one numb to the idea. Sadly, it sometimes becomes just another hole to dig, just another family, just another job.
When I began to better understand the purpose of life, I began to stand over these caskets and ask..."Who did this person say that Jesus was...and what did he/she do with the days they were given?" As one of my favorite teachers, Louie Giglio, would ask: Did they play the starring role in the small story of themselves, or did they play a supporting role in the grand story of God?
Being around this has helped me to better understand the fragilty and brevity of life. How true it is when the Psalmist writes in 39 that our life is "but a breath."
I'm currently 30 years old. The average age of natural death is around 73. Assuming that I make it there and the Lord tarries, I have 43 years left. 43 years to make a difference.
I continuously fail at making the most of the days that I'm given..."making the most of every opportunity" as Paul writes to the Ephesians. I'm thankful that I serve a patient and merciful God as I stumble through my supporting role in His grand story.

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Monica said...

You are such a good writer...I could seriously keep reading and reading...I want to make the most of every opportunity God gives me season and out of season...glad He still teaches us how to be lights...that's what I was praying about this morning...I feel like I miss so many opportunites b/c I am focused on me or the situation instead of what God has in front of me. Ya know what I'm saying (this is where you respond...just kidding...LOL) I have lots to learn 4 sure, you know that! Talk to you soon! Oh, by the way, you better write on my blog if I'm writing on yours...ha! ha! You know the numerous comments I am getting these days...ha! ha!