Monday, August 14, 2006

Pet Peeve

There aren't many things that get under my skin, but during my recent cross country drive from Arkansas to Virginia, I became aware of my greatest pet peeve. Really, what is so hard to understand about driving on a multiple lane highway? I realize that it may have been many years since we took our driving exams, so I decided to compile a few rules of Interstate highway etiquette.
1. The right lane is the slow lane, and the left is the fast lane.
2. When overtaking a vehicle, use the left lane. Then, as safe and quickly as possible, return to the right lane.
3. If you, like me, are an above average speed driver and spend most of your time in the fast lane, then keep an eye in your mirror for fast approaching vehicles. When this occurs, move safely and quickly into the right lane until you're overtaken.
4. Under no circumstances are you to drive alongside another vehicle AT THE SAME SPEED!
Adhering to these simple rules will make life much more pleasant for us all.

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