Monday, August 28, 2006

The S.A. goes to NYC

...from the dirt roads of Arkansas to the subways of NYC. This particular trip was a little over a year ago but memorable enough to blog about. A friend of mine works at the Journey Church ( in Manhattan, and we made a trip up to visit him. It was my first trip to the Big Apple, so I was eager to see the sites...but here are a few non-typical NYC pics.

Me taking the bull by the horns (it's a metaphor, but it really happened...seriously)

Me and the Orange County Lincoln Truck Chopper

Brooklyn Tabernacle...very cool

My friend, Tex, trying to make us some lunch money in the subway

The hippy's bike in Central Park...what in the world?!

It was a nice place to visit, but the S.A. is still right at home in the South...where the tea is sweet and the people say "yall." The only reason I might want to go back is to see if I can catch the Cash Cab.

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Monica said...

You look so "trendy" with that coffee cup in your hand...ha! ha! I am sure it is hot chocolate!