Saturday, August 12, 2006

Stupid Things I've Done:

It’s important to stay grounded, so here are a few "G-Rated" reminders to keep me humble:
1. I stuck my finger in the car's cigarette lighter after it stopped glowing to see if it was still hot…it was.
2. I put a screwdriver in a power outlet...I was 5.
3. I ice skated on a not-so-frozen pond.
4. I mistook vinegar for doesn't taste the same
5. I was suspended in the 6th grade for hitting a girl…long story.
6. I started a brush fire with gasoline…once.
7. I broke a girl’s collarbone in a boating accident.
8. I backed up with my truck door open, caught it on a fencepost, and bent it around…just like Tommy Boy.
9. I shot a guy in the face while quail hunting…just like Dick Cheney
10. I rented the movie “White Chicks.”
11. I started a blog.


Monica said...

what about the certain creatures that "meow"???

Jared Kirk said...

You shot a guy in the face!?!?!?!

Emalyn's Mama said...

I just come across this...Holcomb found it and emailed it to me. I had forgotten about the suspension incident! Memories! I hope all is forgiven!