Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Another One Bites the Dust

Back in my high school years, my friends and I spent every moment we could on Norfork Lake in Mt. Home, Arkansas. One weekend a year was reserved for "the guys." The girlfriends stayed home, and we enjoyed a calm weekend with no worries of a massive feud breaking out. I remember vividly the conversation that went on during this particular weekend in the Summer of 93'. We were making bets about which of us would be the first to get well as who'd be the last. Since then, 7 of the 10 have made the commitment, and they have some beautiful families.
Until last weekend, 3 remained, but on Friday night, another one bit the dust! Although there is money at stake, no one except the last ones standing seem to remember that part of the conversation...but it's not about the money.
I'm happy for him. He's getting a great girl, and she's getting a great guy.
...and then there were two.


troygramling said...

Who are the two?

Sammy Waller said...

did you bite the dust Cupp?

Matt Mashburn said...

Miller's married - so that is one left?

S.A. said...

No, Wally. I am one of the two left. Don't start any rumors.

Harrison said...

Charlton, don't worry sweetie! One day you'll put on that wedding dress and you'll be so pretty!