Thursday, September 14, 2006

Birthday Wishes

I have a B-day coming up at the end of this month, and I never really ask for much. However, I know that thousands of people view my blog on a daily basis, and with those numbers, there is a chance that a generous billionaire might stumble across. So, I've put together a little no certain order of importance.

1. A vintage Fender Telecaster guitar.
2. guitar lessons with John Mayer or Brad Paisley
3. pair of Merrell hiking shoes
4. An Aston Martin (like James Bond drives)
5. case for my laptop
6. The old style H1 Hummer (preferably black)
7. Some gas money for my new H1 Hummer
8. a new competition ski boat ( a black Ski Nautique to match the Hummer is fine)
9. lifetime season tickets to St. Louis Cardinals' games (first base line, please)
10. unlimited downloads from itunes
11. pair of leather Steve Madden shoes
12. A Harley Davidson
13. Capture Osama Bin Laden
14. Free "The Dog"

Comments from billionaires or millionaires only, please

1 comment:

Sammy Waller said...

Can't help with the list Cupper but I do know where I can get my hands on a good used pair of chest waders once worn by a man named Ashabranner. Does that set off a hankerin' in ya?