Thursday, October 12, 2006

Smart Car?

Out of curiosity, I recently did a little research about the possibility of buying a "Smart Car" as a second vehicle. I would never take this overgrown go-cart out on the interstate, but I could drive it locally. It's about the size of a four-wheeler, so I could take it deer hunting too! They do come with exchangeable body panels, so camouflage will definitely be an option in the Southern states.
SMART is an acrostic for: Superbly Manufactured And Reliable Transportation. One might also assume the name from its’ size and 87 mpg estimated fuel mileage. It originally began production in Europe where the streets are considerably smaller and the estimated fuel costs are $4 more per/gal than in the U.S. Many companies are racing for the American market, but a company named Zap will be one of the first to market the product in America. Details can be found at their web-site:
It seemed like a rational decision at first...then I checked the price. The web-site approximates a $25,000 price tag! I couldn't believe that. The production time and costs have to be considerably less than our currently manufactured cars! So, I determined that this is not such a "smart" purchase for me.


Anonymous said...

Even if you decided it was a "Smart Car," I couldn't picture you in are too much of a "True Sophistacated Arkansan" not to mention a "True Toyota Tacoma Guy." However, if it did get good fuel mileage, you would be the one to be interested in it and I am sure your girlfriend wouldn't feel the least conspicuous in it!

Smartcar Owner said...

i love smartcars!!!whats wrong with a 5 years all cars will look like it anyways

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