Saturday, September 15, 2007

$5 haircut

If you're watching your pennies, not too particular with your hair, and don't mind being an expiriment, then I would suggest visiting your local beauty college for a trim. I first visited the local beauty college two trims ago after becoming disgusted with paying $12-13 for a cut. Unlike John Edwards, the most I've ever paid was $21. I thought that was rediculous, but it was a sweet old lady, and I hated to upset her by refuting her price. "...and I never even saw it comin!" (line from Dumb and Dumber)
Anyway, the last experience was just experience. Now, my hair is very easy to cut, even for a beginner, but apparently I was a challenge to one young, inspiring hair technician. She had to have her instructor explain a certain procedure known as "blending." I tried to contain my smirk, but as they were pointing at my head, I couldn't help but feel like a lab rat. She ended up doing a pretty good job, but I did have to go home and strighten up a few things with my clippers.
True, they only charge $5, but I usually end up feeling sorry for the girl and leaving her a ten. So, by the time I pay $10 and fix what they've missed, I might be better off to pay a pro.

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