Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Dad

If you're a regular visitor to my blog, you know that I tend to take long periods of time off from blogging. I guess you could chalk it up to laziness or a lack of creativity. Whatever the reason, I just can't be a regular at it. I did post about my mom this past Mother's Day, but I missed Father's Day and blogging about the heavy influence of my father.
I learned, after working in student ministry for 5 years, the importance of quality parents in the life of a child. There are certain things about my dad that have helped mold my life. Specifically, I learned character by watching my father keep his word and try to treat others the way that he would want to be treated. I picked up a hard work ethic by helping and watching my dad make a living with his hands. I learned stewardship because my dad gave me a dollar to put in the offering every Sunday when I was young. I learned the value of trust because my dad gave me room to make mistakes, and he forgave me when I did. I learned how to behave because my father "whooped" me when I needed it, and I'm glad he did! My dad is not perfect by far, nor is anyone else that has walked this earth next to Jesus, but my father's influence has positively affected my life and possibly the life of others.
As I write, my father is lying in a hospital bed suffering the effects of a brain infection. After 3 weeks, we've seen some improvement, but he has a long way to go for a full recovery. Our neurologist has informed us of definite brain damage. Unfortunately, the brain doesn't heal itself, so we're asking the Lord to do what only He can by healing dad's brain.
It's times like these that one is forced to test his knowledge of God and faith in God. I am enough of a realist to know that we live in a fallen world full of disease, pain, hardships, and a number of other things that were not a part of God's original plan. I have enough faith in God's omnipotence to know that He could heal my dad in a nanosecond. However, I understand that my mind is finite, and I can't possibly understand all of God's ways. I still trust Him. It's true that God loves everyone, much more than we can understand, but the first thing on His agenda is His glory, making Himself known. We must understand that we're all susceptible to the consequences of a fallen world, and we're at the disposal of the glory of God. Selfishly, I ask the Lord to let my dad make a full recovery, but I must trust the Lord's plan no matter the outcome. If you stumble across my blog and ascribe to the Almighty, please join me in this petition to the Lord. Thanks


troygramling said...

Praying for You and Your Dad...I miss you bro...

Baby Leino said...


Jordan & I just heard about your dad & we are standing with you in prayer!