Monday, January 05, 2009

What was I thinkin?

Have you ever been scrolling through the ipod and said..."what was I thinking when I bought that?" That happened to me recently when I found "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross on my ipod. I knew that out of 4322 songs, there had to be more. So, here are some other "unique" purchases that I may or MAY NOT have made.

I'm Every Woman (Chaka Khan)
Caribbean Queen (Billy Ocean)
Cover Girl (NKOTB)

Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this.


Mike Archer said...

dude, i have caribbean queen on my ipod...that's a classic. why would you question 'endless love'? lionel richie is a legend.

Heather Orr said...

I have Lionel Richie's Greatest Hits on my iPod - as Adam Sandler taught us, Endless Love played at just the right time can help you gain major points with the ladies :)

Ashamedly, I have the following garbage on my iPod:

* Paula Abdul's Greatest Hits (as if such a thing exists)
* Nelson - After the Rain
* Expose - What You Don't Know (what you don't know is that you'll be ashamed to own this CD after the 80's!)

H.T. said...

Mine don't hold a candle to NKOTB, but here they are:

The Gap Band-You Dropped The Bomb on Me
Styx-Mr. Roboto
Bread-Everything I Own

*Is "Bread" not one of the most horrible band names ever? I would be more embarrassed for someone to see their album cover on my ipod than the song.

S.A. said...

Nelson...Bread? Thanks, I don't feel so bad now...and Cover Girl does have some pretty sick guitar licks and a bass solo! That had to be why I bought it.

H.T. said...

Don't watch the video. You'll be mortified that you admitted to it. ESPECIALLY when they call out for some "Bass!"

James Hewitt said...

you should never be ashamed of the clasics!! How could anyone diss on Chaka Khan?? and Caribbean Queen is da bomb. And Cover Girl....don't even get me started. And Holly, you should be proud that you were privledged to hear the greatness of STYX. Their are kids in the south that would love to hear some STYX, because unlike you, all they are allowed to listen to that country stuff. There are kids in Africa that are starving for just one line of a good rock opera!!

S.A. said...

Notice that James didn't leave any selections from his music library. I'll bet there is some major Velveeta Cheese dripping from his ipod!

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