Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dave, I Feel Your Pain

Well, I can't really feel his pain because an airline has never broken a guitar of mine, but I know the pain of trying to fly with an instrument. Years ago, it wasn't so bad. Airlines would let you carry it on, put it in an overhead compartment, or every once in a while, a nice flight attendant would politely ask if I would like for her to put it in the "stewardess closet" that was where the little black box was and it was safe in the event of a crash! I was always a little suspicious that they just wanted to get it out and put on a private concert for the first-classers!

Anyhow, things have changed. Now, when you walk up to the counter with a guitar case, the desk attendant looks at you with disgust if you even act like you want to carry it on. Most of my trips are ministry related, but she doesn't seem to understand that people aren't going to accept Jesus if I'm not playing my Taylor. Seriously, I sometimes think that they would let me carry a bomb on the plane before they would my guitar!
Sorry for your loss, Dave. I've only experienced a few busted latches and missing buttons on my cases, but I have a feeling that I wouldn't do what Jesus would if my Taylor came back to me in two pieces!
Update...Good news! United has offered that Dave be compensated. You can see his response and song#2 on YouTube.

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