Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mr. Taylor

Last week I got the cool oportunity to meet the man behind Taylor guitars. He and a couple of sales reps talked about the history of the company, the different body shapes, and unique woods. Bob amazed me with his knowledge of wood. I don't even know what trees are in my yard, and he's talking about the integrity and unique characteristics of Brazilian Rosewood! Bob explained that he and his team didn't set out to create the best sounding guitar since that's such a subjective thing, but they tried to make the best playing guitar; and Taylor guitars are arguably one of the most comfortable guitars to play. The rich sound is a my not-so-professional opinion.

They also had a few guitars from the R. Taylor series, the Taylor boutique line, which were some of the most beautiful guitars I'd ever seen.
BTW...If you're wondering why Bob looks just as happy to take a picture with me, that's because we really hit it off. Be looking for my signature model Taylor guitar!


Heather Orr said...

How did you manage to get that gig?? Very cool!!!

wenbin wang said...

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