Thursday, August 13, 2009

Respect to Les Paul

The music world saw an icon pass on today. Les Paul, the creator of the solid body guitar, multi-track recording, and several other gadgets and effects, died today at the age of 94. This article gives an overview of Paul's accomplishments, who was most widely known for the mass produced Gibson model that bore his name. Every genre of music could probably find a spot for the unmistakeble sound of the Les Paul model guitar.

I met a guy in VA who owned a 59' model. It was estimated to be worth around $150,000, and he let me hold it! I was nervous and as giddy as a little school-girl (hence the dorky grin!)

I was fortunate enough to add a Cherry Sunburst LP (a.k.a. Flash) to my collection a few years back. I don't plan on parting with it unless Jesus won't let me take it with me, I have to sell it to eat, or someone has a loved one held for ransom...and I'd still have to think hard about those last two!


Heather Orr said...

My dad STILL talks about that guitar! It was like a member of our family :) He's really glad that you have it!

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