Thursday, September 03, 2009

“driving while intexticated”?

Yeah, that was a new word to me when I read this article about texting and driving. Lately, I've been intentionally looking at what people are doing when I meet them on the road, and it's alarming. I met a guy yesterday in a hilly curve, going 45 mph, and he never looked up from his phone! Interstingly enough, the article noted that 95% of the folks surveyed said texting while driving was "unacceptable," but 18% of them had recently done it. We know it's wrong/dangerous, but we do it anyway. What does that say about our society? Where does that end?
It's scarry to think about this texting generation turning 16 and being on the road with phones in their hands. I had a tough enough time adjusting to the dangers of the road, and the only phone I knew of was a rotary dial!
In order to grasp the severity of the problem, a study was conducted at Virginia Tech, which concluded that texting was four times more dangerous than talking on the phone, while dialing or talking was 23 times more dangerous that a driver with no distraction.
Ok, confession time...I've done it too, but realizing the danger has led me to limit my texting and driving to certain situations where me, my vehicle, or an innocent animal would be the only victim of my irresponsibility. Seriously, this was my thought as I passed by the "hilly curve texter" yesterday...I really don't have anything that important that has to be said immediately. I can't bear the thought of seriously injuring someone or taking a life because I was sending a near meaningless text message.

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