Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Dentist and Accountability

There are some things that are painful or not necessarily enjoyable but vital to our health, both physical and spiritual. I was reminded of this today as I had a dentist appointment and a meeting with a group of guys with whom I’m accountable.
Let’s start with the dentist. My dental visits aren’t actually that bad because I take fairly good care of my chompers. However, I’m not a consistent flosser, so I usually get a scolding for that. I’m proud of the fact that I’ve never had a cavity, but between us, I’m a little worried that one of my pearly whites may be in danger of falling victim to the sugar monster thanks to an increased addiction to sweet tea over the last few years. When my dentist asked if I had been experiencing any discomfort or sensitivity, I responded that I hadn’t. Well, that wasn’t the whole truth, but I was a little scared of what being honest would reveal. Plus, I had to be somewhere else very shortly. So, my lack of disclosure just might lead to a continuing discomfort and/or major incident in the future. We’ll find out in six months or sooner perhaps.
Closely related is the discipline of being held and holding others accountable in our walk with the Lord. We ask one another questions dealing with our time in the Scriptures, keeping our morality in check, and other areas of stewardship. It would be very easy not to disclose the whole truth and let others think that everything was fine, but it takes a bigger man to be honest when there is an issue and deal with it immediately.
Much like a daily regiment of dental hygiene, our spiritual walk requires consistency and transparency. The premise to this post…make a valid effort to know God, live holy, be transparent with someone you trust, be a minister of reconciliation to others, and….brush and floss.

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