Monday, March 08, 2010

Gun Control & Responsibility

If you keep up with headlines, you've probably seen the gun control issue brewing in Virginia Starbucks locations. The second amendment gives us the "right to keep and bear arms." Gun control advocates say that the early law makers established that right around the freedom to form state militias, while proponents say that it's an individual right. I obviously wasn't around, and I don't know what the forefathers had in mind, but I do know that rights come with responsibility. Either way, the amendment gives us the right to keep and bear, not to flaunt, and I think that's what these owners are doing in Virginia. It's unfortunate that we have to be concerned with protecting ourselves and family, but that's a consequence of evil (a whole other blog post.) For that reason, I have a concealed carry permit. It involved a class, background check, a shooting test, a fee, and an assumed high level of responsibility. If I were to loose my privilege to carry, I would blame clowns like these guys.


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